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Digital inverter double pulse multi-function gas shielded welding machine INVERPULSE320/425/625 series

This is a unified digital control inverter dual pulse welding power, with a microprocessor controller. The IG/TIG/MMA welding function can be realized. The MIG/MAG welding has 5 kinds of welding transition forms, such as common short circuit, single pulse, double pulse, fast welding and bottom welding. Internal presupposition of 90 welding procedures, and can be extended. Humanized operation panel, debug and parameter setting intuitionistic and simple. Has the computer USB interface, the network, the transformation. It has the functions of remote upgrade, control, diagnosis and monitoring. It can quickly meet the requirements of the customer for the process.

Main features:

1, MIG/MAG pulse, double pulse (POP), fast welding, bottom welding, copper brazing, TIG-DC and MMA welding

2. Presupposition 50 expert welding procedures, 40 custom programs

3. Suitable for welding of all kinds of metal materials, especially aluminum and aluminum alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper alloy and so on.

4 and 4 wire feeding mechanism

5, check all functions and control parameters automatically

6, digital indication operation error

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