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    The flux cored wire is used for site equipment and gas - inconvenient locals. The wind can be adjusted to level Four (<15m/s), so it is usually not used for important planning.

Gas shielded flux cored wire has two interests, such as gas protection welding and manual welding, such as high efficiency, perfect metallurgical reaction, good process function and low H. Rare is arc stability, splash less, deposition rate is the highest in all kinds of welding methods, and can choose high current for all directional welding, and request low level interests for equipment. So the use of such methods in foreign countries is the fastest, and there are various kinds of products for choice.

   Why do you think the resistance of the flux cored wire is not good? The first is still unreasonable and improper choice of materials process rather than its inherent.

A self protective resistance wire can choose, first look at why, if the welding of high strength low alloy steel is important to ensure the quality of planning, it is necessary to use the alkaline or titanium calcium plus Ni wire, its value is usually of flux cored wire 2 to 3 times, the interest is only wind, briefly, based on the specific circumstances of this demand to set the.

   In China, a lot of oil pipeline systems that use self shielded welding wires are built in remote areas. This method can ensure quality. Most of them choose Lincoln 203Ni1 of USA, and their AKV guarantee value is -30 39-150J. The way for American products to travel is to choose titanium calcium slag system plus Ni. Because of its melting speed, it can travel over 50%. The value is expensive, but the generalization benefit is not lower than manual welding.

   At that time, there were many companies in foreign countries, which could be selected according to the abnormal function of abnormal parent material and abnormal welding position.

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