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With the rapid development of welding technology, the application of welding equipment in some industries is also improving. In the developed countries of the world, the modern information technology has been successfully used. The fully automatic welding equipment with network control function and intelligence has been successfully applied. The welding procedure and welding parameters are optimized through expert system, so as to ensure the consistency of welding quality in batch production. These modern fully automatic welding equipment have become the main choice for high-end manufacturing (Aeronautics and space engineering, power generation equipment, power equipment and automobiles). We are now basically in the manufacturing of general welding equipment, and in the near future I believe we will go into this field, too. At present, in electric power, nuclear power, automobile, shipbuilding, container and other industries, we have just entered. According to what I saw and heard in the past two years, I would like to talk about my personal view below. In the electric power construction industry, the manual argon arc is mostly used, because the electric construction industry generally has much work on the high-altitude operation, and the material of the welding material is also more promiscuous, mainly is the pipeline installation, the welding quality is also strict. If the air is welded in the field, the wind is too high. Easy to weld defects, and the size of the pipe diameter is different, the gas shielded welding full position welding is more difficult, so the manual argon arc welding is the first choice. In order to avoid the adjustment of the current in the upper air, the requirements for the equipment are probably as follows: (1) the welding current is stable because of the frequent field construction. So the reliability of the power supply is better. (2) the wireless remote control regulates the current, and the remote control preferably has a one polarity conversion switch. (3) the top of the remote control panel is better digital display, which looks more intuitive.

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