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    Classification method of machine classification is not an authoritative, the following classification is mainly classified by the market industry uses simple: 1) welding machine is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises are: AC arc welding machine, DC welding machine, argon arc welding machine, welding machine, welding machine, carbon dioxide protection of spot welding, submerged arc welding machine, high frequency welding machine, welding machine, welding machine, pressure of flash butt welding machine welding machine and laser welding machine AC DC welder (2) DC welding machine has two kinds: one is the basis of the original AC motor with rectifier, and a DC generator. The DC welding machine is mainly welding nonferrous metal and pig iron. The main welding steel plate is the main welding machine for AC welding machine. (3) argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide shielded welding machine, high frequency welding machine, flash butt welding machine. Argon arc welding machine and carbon dioxide shielded welding machine can be used to weld thin plates and colored gold layers below 2MM. Flash butt welding machine mainly butt copper and aluminum joint and other objects, high frequency welding machine main pipe factory welding pipe. (4) the submerged arc welding is mainly welded steel structural parts, bridge H steel, I-beam and other thick steel structure materials. (5) gas shielded arc welding: argon arc welding and carbon dioxide protection welding. It will not oxidize and solidly weld under the protection of gas, solidly welded, nonferrous metals and weldable thin materials. (6) laser welder: the wire inside the solderable transistor. (7): chain of welding machine factory mainly welding anchor cable and other objects. It can be butted steel and so on. (8) multi function electric welding machine (9) spot welder (10) welding machine (11) bolt welder (12) carbon dioxide ammonia welding machine

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