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AIDS AIDS including editing electric welding machine operator is to prevent ultraviolet and infrared ray welding or other damage to the eyes or other energy generated by the welding arc welding welder protection glasses, eyes, face and neck electric arc welding mask, white overalls, gloves and foot protection welding industry. The energy saving of the high efficiency and energy saving electric welding machine is embodied in two aspects, that is, the energy saving time and the load time. No load, electric welding machine can enter the stop state of main circuit, fan and so on, the power consumption of no load is only a few watts, and the efficiency of electric welding machine is higher than that of thyristor rectifier. According to the relevant statistical parameters, the welding industry demand for DC welding machine for 890 thousand units in 2008, if all the electric welding machine, can directly save 43 thousand tons of copper, 64 thousand tons of steel, electricity saving 680 million KW.H, indirect savings of 566 thousand and 500 tons of coal, 10 million 340 thousand tons of water, reduce CO2 emissions 1 million 144 thousand and 500 tons. So it can be seen that it has great economic and social benefits to energetically popularize the electric welding machine. The performance is stable because the working frequency of the electric welding machine is above 20KHZ, and it has a fast response speed. It can be subdivided into multiple stages to control the droplet transition. CO2 gas shielded arc welding, can greatly reduce the splash of pulse MIG MIG/MAG welding can effectively control the stability of jet transition, can also be a melting transition and feeding mechanism of sports combine to further control the droplet transfer process, obtain good weld shape, stable welding performance. These are all the traditional rectifying welders can not do. Centralized control electric welder adopts digital controller such as single chip microcomputer, DSP and FPGA, and realizes network communication between multiple welders or upper computer and welding machine through Ethernet and fieldbus. It not only solves the problem of multiple welding machines' collaborative operation, facilitates centralized control in the welding process, but also realizes the setting or monitoring of remote welding machine parameters, making the remote fault diagnosis and maintenance of electric welding machine possible.

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