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Advantages of medium frequency welding

1, three phase load balancing. If inverter welds, three phase power supply is used to rectifying and store energy, which is much smaller than single-phase AC welding's impact on power grid, reducing the requirements of power supply system, and meeting the national energy policy.

2, medium frequency welding is DC welding, the power factor of welding is close to 1. Therefore, it is clean welding, and it will not cause pollution to the power grid.

3, medium frequency welding energy saving, greatly reduce the power infrastructure investment in the factory, according to the United States general automobile statistics with medium frequency welding per welding point can save 4 cents.

4. The volume quality of the medium frequency welding transformer is greatly reduced, the production efficiency is improved and the working strength is reduced on the suspension welder.

5, the current response time of intermediate frequency welding is 1 milliseconds, which is 20 times faster than the 20 milliseconds of AC, and the accuracy and accuracy of monitoring are greatly improved. Therefore, the quality of welding is greatly improved.

6, the welding current waveform of the medium frequency welding is friendly and stable, and the adjustable range is very wide. It is suitable for all kinds of welding materials.

7. The time adjustment unit of intermediate frequency welding is 1 milliseconds, which can meet the needs of all kinds of precision welding and some special applications.

8, the welding current is DC, which can reduce the interference in the large two circuit. When the two winding has inductive or magnetic material, it will not affect the welding.

9, high power medium frequency inverter DC resistance welding, especially suitable for welding thick workpiece and high conductivity metal, such as aluminum and all galvanized steel plate.

10, precision inverter DC resistance welding inverter, the current flat rate higher, more precise control, precision connection is especially suitable for copper, nickel, aluminum, molybdenum tungsten, manganese, gold, silver and other non-ferrous metals and precious metals, widely used in battery factory, electric light source factory, automotive, medical equipment, photoelectric communication factory, paint factory and high temperature micro motor customers requiring high wire / super fine enameled wire (can reach the minimum 0.02mm) SMD inductor, coil, metal welding, nickel cup, Kovar wire welding, welding, CCFL fuse, filament welding welding requirements of high electronic factory the.

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