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After nearly 10 years of development and innovation, Jiaxiang County Yitai Shengye Welding Equipments Co., Ltd has become an enterprise of professional development, production, and sales of all kinds of inverter welding equipments with advanced technology and new technology. Standing out from IGBT inverter welders manufacturers across the country and being the leader in domestic welders industry.

Every member of “yitaishengye” knows that, wanders in the meeting of wind and cloud, only to adapt requirements of the times, and innovate constantly can enterprise keep competitive advantages. 

Facing serious competition, we cast brand down-to-earth. Regarding “welding” as passion and enthusiasm of enterprise, “connecting” as the principle to connect market and serve customers. 

“yitaishengye” is the common career pursuit for each member, and group power cohesion for crew.

With advanced production equipment, perfect test method, rigorous manufacture craft, strictly implement ISO9001 quality management system and CCC national security standard, thorough process starts from design, material selection, manufacture, assembly including every procedure, to ensure accurately and concentrate on every one tiny point.

Not only does the enterprise provide equipment, but also regard customer as the center of the full service. We would be pleased to cooperate with you sincerely and develop commonly with our better quality, updated products, lower prices.


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